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Stingray Holidayscapes: Transforming Homes into Holiday Havens, Now Streaming on LG Channels


Montreal, November 16, 2023
– Stingray (TSX: RAY.A; RAY.B), a leading provider of music, video content, business services, and advertising solutions, is thrilled to announce the introduction of its latest TV channel, Stingray Holidayscapes. Now available on LG Smart TVs, the channel promises to enhance the viewing experience for millions of users across North America.

Stingray Holidayscapes, a Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) channel, presents viewers with an immersive blend of thematic music and video footage, meticulously curated for diverse holidays and special events throughout the year. This vibrant channel offers all-day linear programming that aligns with annual calendars and special events, providing a continual stream of fresh content.

Stingray Holidayscapes sets the perfect ambiance for all at-home activities and gatherings throughout the seasons, transforming everyday moments into memorable experiences. The channel artfully weaves together scenes of vibrant celebrations with holiday-inspired lifestyle videos, creating a distinctive backdrop for every occasion. With a repertoire ranging from heartfelt Valentine’s Day love songs to spooky Halloween pop hits and timeless holiday classics, Stingray Holidayscapes celebrates the spirit of festivity all year round.

LG Channels is LG’s exclusive free streaming service, offering a wide selection of premium live and on-demand programming, including movies, TV shows, news, sports, children’s programs, and more.  With more than 300 channels and growing, LG TV owners can easily discover their favorite programs by launching the LG Channels application on their LG TV’s webOS platform (LG smart TV models 2016-present). LG Channels is also available on mobile on iOS and Android. Channels may vary by device.

“The debut of Stingray Holidayscapes on LG Channels marks Stingray’s continued commitment to delivering innovative and immersive entertainment experiences,” said Jim Riley, President, US Division at Stingray. “This unique channel, with its blend of thematic music and lifestyle footage highlighting all major holidays, is a powerful addition to our portfolio, and provides our partners with unique advertising opportunities as holidays approach throughout the year.”

In the United States, Stingray Holidayscapes is now streaming at IP-108 and available through the Happy Holidays hub on the LG Channels Home App. In Canada, Stingray Holidayscapes is now streaming at IP-106 and accessible via the LG Channels Home App.

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