The Rising Stars program

You have to go out of your way to find great talent. Stingray’s Rising Stars program is 20+ years in the making. Since 1998, our continued partnerships with impressive industry organizations and festivals have helped us secure hefty cash prizes, attracting talent from coast-to-coast. We’re paving the way for artists to give everything they’ve got on a national platform, promoting their skills and launching their careers to new heights. Click here to consult a list of past winners since the program launched.

Rising Stars FAQ

Who is eligible for Stingray Rising Stars?

To be eligible for a nomination by the Stingray Rising Stars Program, the participant must be a new artist on the Canadian music scene. We define “a new artist on the Canadian music scene” as an individual or group of Canadian origin or with landed-immigrant status residing in Canada Candidates are not required to have recorded their work but should have plans to record soon.

What prizes are included in the program?

The primary intention of Rising Stars cash awards is to assist the winners in promoting their music in the Canadian and foreign marketplace. Prize amounts vary depending on partnerships and distribution between winners (see “How are the prizes distributed?). Rising Stars winners with recorded music in digital format may receive international airplay on one or more of Stingray Music’s channels. Additionally, to further support award winners, Rising Stars recipients are featured and promoted in Stingray Music’s promotional material.

How are the prizes distributed?

The distribution of cash prizes is the “exclusive” responsibility of the Partners of the Stingray Rising Stars Program. Rising Stars Partners are also responsible for appointing the selection jury to award the prizes. Stingray Music is in no way involved in selecting Rising Stars nominees or winners or in appointing jury members. However, one member from Stingray Music may sit on the selection jury if invited to do so by the Partners.

Who can qualify as a Stingray Rising Star partner?

Organizations looking to qualify as Rising Stars partners must be recognized by the Canadian music industry. Partners must show an interest in developing and promoting up-and-coming Canadian talent. All partnership decisions are at Stingray’s discretion.