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Stingray Advertising Welcomes Harnois Énergies’ Proxi and Proxi Extra Convenience Stores to its Retail Audio Advertising Network


Montreal, February 29, 2024
– Stingray (TSX: RAY.A; RAY.B), an industry leader in music and video content distribution, business services, and advertising solutions, is thrilled to announce the inclusion of Harnois Énergies’ Proxi and Proxi Extra convenience stores into its extensive retail audio advertising network. This alliance welcomes 152 stores across Quebec and 35 in the Atlantic provinces, marking Stingray Advertising’s first venture into the Canadian convenience store market.

Harnois Énergies is already a valued Stingray Business client, benefiting from in-store music and digital display services. Therefore, the integration of audio advertising is a natural progression that not only offers Harnois Énergies a new revenue stream, but also serves as an effective advertising platform for brands to reach active shoppers.

“The partnership with Harnois Énergies is a significant milestone for Stingray, illustrating the company’s dedication to expanding its retail audio advertising network into new market segments,” said Ryan Fuss, Senior Vice President of Stingray Advertising. “The move into the convenience store sector not only broadens Stingray Advertising’s reach but also showcases its commitment to innovation and adaptation in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.”

Harnois Énergies is renowned for its exceptional customer service and extensive product offerings. With the introduction of audio advertising in Proxi and Proxi Extra convenience stores, the company is set to provide a more engaging and dynamic shopping atmosphere. This initiative is expected to enrich the in-store experience for customers and offer advertisers an impactful medium to reach their desired audience.

“We are excited to further our partnership with Stingray and introduce audio advertising into our stores,” said Steve Lamontagne, Vice President Retail network and Marketing at Harnois Énergies. “This development is consistent with the company’s mission to deliver top-notch services and a superior shopping experience. Stingray’s expertise in audio advertising is expected to make a significant contribution to this endeavor.”

Stingray Advertising operates North America’s largest retail audio advertising network, with over 923 million monthly shopping visits across 27,200+ grocery, superstore, pharmacy, convenience store, home improvement and discount store locations.  

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About Harnois Énergies (
 Since its founding in 1958, Harnois Énergies’ mission has been to efficiently provide energy sources, specialty products and quality services, all with a friendly customer experience. It distributes petroleum products, propane, lubricants and specialty products across Canada, and looks to the future with its network of electric charging stations and a gas station that offers hydrogen.

HÉ counts on its partner companies and a vast network of sub-distributors to meet the needs of its customers in six different market segments: retail, commercial/services, industrial, residential, agricultural and aviation. Harnois Énergies provides products and services under the Esso and Mobil brands as well as under the private labels Harnois, Pétro-T, H-Go, Énergies Express, AFS Exécutif, Proxi and Proxi Extra.

Harnois Énergies counts on its team of over 1,700 people to achieve its mission.
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